Battlefield 2142 Mods

Here is a collection of various Battlefield 2142 Mods.

Traction Wars Mod - "Traction wars is set in the far future. After the Sixty Minute War the world was thrown into chaos. A new way of life rose from the wreckage. Municipal Darwinism. Its a Town eat Town world, now these huge moving towns and cities are under threat. The Green Storm hate the traction way of life and wishes to destroy it and make the world green again. So its Traditionalists vs Anti-Traditionists in whats set to be one of the most unusual battles of all time. The sky will be filled with airships and the new, heavier than air, flying machines. On the ground the great towns will crawl eating and destroying anything that threatens their way of life but the Green Storm have a new weapon, one may tip the balance into the Green Storms favour. An army of resurrection men. They do not sleep, they do not stop and they are coming.

In Traction Wars we hope to recreate the world created by Philip Reeve in his books "The Hungry City Chronicles" our aim is to produce a total conversion for Battlefield 2142 in which this most unusual war is represented. Check out and join our forums to find out our latest news"

If you have a mod that you would like listed here then please put a link up somewhere on your mod site and then contact us with a little information about your game mod.

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