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Welcome to our online gaming community, the place we work to bring you the best game infomation we can, We are an ever growing community and wish to continue growing for many years to come, At the moment we are still working on the new website but please get all registered on the brand new forum and make your self at home again.


Huxley Dystopia Beta


Huxley has made some great progress recently and is now alomost at open beta stage, closed testing is available in North America, Korea and now Europe so check here for more information.

Huxley Dystopia

Quake Wars FAQ

Quake Wars News

We have added a Quake Wars frequently asked questions page now so if you are interested in checking that out then head on over to the Quake Wars section and check it out now

Quake Wars FAQ

Unreal Tournament 2007 Renamed

UT3 News

Ok this is interesting, the developers of the great Unreal Tournament series have chosen to change their up and coming game (Unreal Tournament 2007) to Unreal Tournament 3, the reason for this we do not know but we have adjusted the site to all the new content.

We believe it may be something to do with marketing to boost sales or something of that nature.

NEW Teamspeak And Ventrilo Guides Added!

VoIP Guides

We have added two brnd new Ventrilo and Teamspeak guides to get new users to this great VoIP software for built for gamers

Check Out The Teamspeak Guide - Check Out The Ventrilo Guide

Vanguard Beta


We now have our hands on the beta for Vanguard which means we will now start bringing you all of our thoughts and opinions on the game, also now we are playing the beta we can awnser some of your questions if you have any.

World Of Warcraft Review

World of Warcraft

We have made a brand new review for World Of Warcraft based on the WoW patch 1.11 and feel that this gives a better look at Warcraft as it is such a changin game it seems a good idea to keep reviews up to date.

Check Out The WoW Review Now

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