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Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike available Now!

About Northern Strike

The PAC has secretly moved into the abandoned cities Europe In a desperate gamble to gain the upper hand in the struggle for survival. To avoid destruction the European Union must rally to dislodge the PAC forces from their abandoned homeland.

Emphasizing close-quarters combat, Northern Strike features the new Conquest Assault game mode, and three new maps, including the infamous WWII battle scene at the Bridge at Remagen, an Alpine Titan docking harbour in Port Bavaria and a claustrophobic showdown in the Liberation of Leipzig. The booster pack also features new vehicles including the EU's heavily armed IFV Goliath and the PAC's hovering light IFV Hachimoto in addition to new persistence, new gameplay and more.

New Battlefield 2142 Patch Released

The new patch is now available for download using the link at the bottom of this article

This patch addresses various important bugs and exploits in the game so go and get your update now.

BF2142 Patch Download

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