Crysis Forces & Creatures

This section contains information about all the characters and living creatures you will come in contact with in the game.

  • Main Character: In single player you start off as Jack Dunn, a member of the US Delta force. You and your team of elite soldiers have been sent to investigate an asteroid that has crashed in the pacific ocean in an unknown location. The reason for the investigation is that the asteroid did not make any kind of impact on the earth when it landed.
  • Allies: The people who you will be fighting will for the most part be other members of your delta team. Later in the game it looks like you might also be fighting with the US Navy and the US Airforce. Towards the end of the game you will be fighting with the North Koreans against the new alien threat.
  • North Koreans: At the beginning of the game you will be fighting against the North Koreans. For this part of the game you are defending the crash site. They are equipped with a new version of the AK that can be modified on the fly much like the Delta Force gun.
  • Alien Infantry: You will fight alien infantry as well as vehicles including mechs. The aliens must wear a special suit when they are out of the cold so they can stay alive. They are equipped with ice based weapons that you can also use if you pick one up. Most times the alien infantry accompanies alien exosuit but they also have their own squads.
  • Alien Exosuit: This is a huge alien mech you see on all the videos and screens on the aircraft carrier. Most likly it's a vehicle driven by aliens, it is equipped with freeze guns and other weapons.

There is also a much much larger alien mech, but not much is known about it yet.

  • Birds: As in Farcry there are birds in Crysis. They do not seem to be bothered by the freezing earth, aliens, or the sounds of war. They are not just for looks though. If you are trying to sneak about and you scare up a flock of birds the enemy AI sees this and starts opening fire. This can be used against you or for you. Also, if you are bored you can just shoot them for some target pratice.
  • Others: Nothing else has been said about other creatures but there probably will be a wide variety of other animals.

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