The Story Line Behind Crysis

Crysis is set in the year 2019 when a giant asteroid type object hits an island (in Spratly Island chain) in the South China Sea. (Much of the Island in Crysis is however modeled of the islands of Hawaii).

North Korea, who have become quite a force in the world arrive first onto the island after being informed of an unidentified flying object. After blockading the island they soon discover a large mysterious asteroid. Shortly after, the US also sends in a Delta Force squad to investigate. (You play as Jake Dunn, who is a member of this squad).

Things turn bad quickly though, as there is still intense rivalry between the two nations. While tempers flare and fighting occurs between the North Koreans and Americans, the asteroid opens up revealing a large alien ship. The ship encloses itself inside a large sphere causing a large part of the island to become frozen (including anyone who was unlucky enough to get caught in it's reach) and also causes variances in the weather.

The Alien enemy brings with it some extremely high tech and dangerous weapons - to such an extent that the North Koreans and Americans join forces. At this point, the player must fight their way through a raft of different environments and enemies to save the world.

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