Crysis Weapons

Infantry Weapons (Human)
  • Minigun - The minigun is a heavy weapon, this means that it can only be used if you have a certain level of power in your nano suit. This weapon is most effective when used agaist ground units, like infantry on aliens.
  • FN SCAR - This weapon will use the standard 7.62mm round. It is a modular system and can be changed real time to many different combinations for different situations, like sniping or an indoor battle.
  • XM102 Rocket Launcher - This weapon is a shoulder mounted rocket launcher and has the capabilities of destroying heavy vehicles like tanks, helicopters, trucks etc... It utilizes a futuristic targeting system.
  • XM2014 Shotgun - This weapon like the FN SCAR is a modular weapon, it can have a reflex sight, targeting laser or a tactical flashlight. Like most shotguns it is best when close to the enemy.
  • MPXA Sub-Machine Gun - Like the shotgun this is a short ranged weapon. It has an available laser targeting system, reflex sight, tactical flashlight, and a silencer.
  • EM70 - This is a long range rifle that uses electromagneticity to fire metal slugs at 8 times faster then the speed of sound.
  • Flame Thrower - Unfortunately we probably will not see this gun until nearly the end of the game. Since the aliens enjoy freezing things it probably will not be effective against them but it could possible be a modification of one of their weapons.
  • Hand-Held Gattling Gun - This is another heavy weapon, and like the minigun it can only be used if the player possesses a certain level of power in his nano suit.
  • Frag Grenade - There are a lot of videos of this bad boy going off and like they show, it's good for cutting down trees or the guy infront of you.
  • North Korean Rifle - This gun is the standard weapon for the North Korean Army and like the FN SCAR it will be modular and have many different configurations.
  • Pistol - There will be a variety of pistols. That's all we know at this time.
Mounted Weapons (Humans)
  • Machine Guns - As in other first person shooter multiplayer games, there will be mounted machine guns throughout the map to provide support to other troops and to defend key positions.
  • Anti-Air - Crysis will have a lot of air vehicles of many different types. This weapon will be able to take them out and will be placed in key positions.
Infantry Weapons (Alien)
  • Molecular Accelerator - This gun has unlimited ammo by turning water and humidity in the air and then freezing it into icicles and then shooting it at the enemy at extremely high rates of speed.
  • Molecular Arrestor - This weapon shoots a freeze ray which in turn freezes the enemy and when it gets hit by a bullet it will shatter.
  • Singularity Cannon - This gun shoots a miniature black hole which makes a big explosion that attempts to suck everything into it.

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