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Welcome to our Enemy Territory Quake Wars, We are currently developing this section and hope to bring you all the latest new, patch notes and anything else Warcraft related to you, Please continue to get involved by chatting with our community on the forum.

Enjot your stay, Thankyou.

Quake Wars Beta Is Here

The Quake Wars beta is now available to all FilePlanet subscribers, we know that beta keys are apparently limited so go and grab your key now and check out this game to see if it lives up to expectations

Quake Wars Beta Download

Quake Wars Demo Coming Soon!

Well it seems that FilePlanet is now offering a service for their subscribers where you can reserve your copy of a game demo and even download it sometimes days in advance. On the list of those upcomings demos to reserve is none other than Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Both the status and date to be released are unconfirmed, could this still mean that we can see a demo sooner than we expected? We'll have to wait and see! If you would like to check it out for yourself, Click Here!

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