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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role playing game released in November of 2004, World of Warcraft has won quite a few awards and it continues to get great reviews from nearly everyone. Not only did it dominate Christmas sales, but it also broke records when it had 200,000 simultaneous players during the Christmas season. This game is doing what many other games have only imagined, and itís doing it well. They even cut off sales to stem the tide of players until they can better manage the large numbers. The game has some issues, but even so they are not balance issues, but more server stability issues. These are dwarfed by the number of things they did right. I decided to use Graphics, Sound, Creativity, Entertainment, and Longevity because I believe these best describe a MMORPG. Graphics, Sound, and Entertainment are commonly used by other reviewers, but Creativity and Longevity arenít. I used Creativity because I felt that a truly fun MMORPG would be innovative and not bound by the basic rules of other MMORPGs. I used Longevity because MMORPGs are all about staying power. The choices for fields may be odd, but they are the best measure of a MMORPG.

Graphics: 7/10

Well starting with the graphics I would have to say that they have their own style from other games, Blizzard have made World of Warcraft able to run on most PC's keeping away from the problem of people not being able to play, To be really honest when I play the graphics are not something I look at much atall as the game is so immersive it is the last thing you look at however, The world does look nice and the layout of the world is very dynamic with many varying settings from very light and colourful places to very evil and dark areas, Just when you think you have seen all there is to see environmentally you stumble across yet another style of area to play in, Though the graphics don't blow you away I must say there are many different textures in the game meaning everywhere looks different.

Sound/Music: 9/10

The audio is amazing in World of Warcraft, Just turn the sound up and listen to the wonderful backing orchestra to theme this game, Blizzard have certainly put alot of money and time into creating the best music for the game keeping you glued while playing. All the different classes and races have their own emotes and sounds when fighting or interacting with any objects but I must say if you are in a battle with an enemy and you start bashing the keys on the keyboard then the repeated sounds do get a little tedious, You can disable these sounds but why don't they just add more is what I think.

Creativity: 9/10

Blizzard have been quite creative with World of Warcraft including features no other massively multiplayer online games have done before by having many different ways to take down each kind of enemy for example some bosses need to be killed with ranged attacks while other bosses may require close in and heavy attack with healers on stad by, Not only is it about clicking a single button but you also have to review your restistances such as fire or nature resistance to survive certain enemys, All in all they have made sure everything in the world has a different way of killing it.

Entertainment Value: 8/10

Fun is one of many words to put here, World of Warcraft is a very dynamic game giving you so many choices for what you want to do, You can quest, grind, instance, work on professions and so much more, You don't really get bored that easy as if you are not having fun there is always something else you can find to do to make you enjoy your self again.

Longevity: 8/10

In total to reach maximum level which is 60 I had to play a total of 380+ hours of gaming which for anyone who works in the day or has school means getting to 60 will take a good few months, There is only one major floor with World of Warcraft and that is that when you reach level 60 unless you can find a very good guild you will have nothing left that you can do meaning you either make a new character or say that your aim was to reach level 60 and take that as completing the game.

Conclusion - overall mark: 8.2

Overall I think this is a game all must experience even if is is only for a month or two, There is alot to do and there is nothing like it, The monthly payments are maybe a put off but I found I stopped buying other games while I Played World of Warcraft so I was actualy saving money.

I may do an updated review to World of Warcraft sometime due to the patches making so many adjustments to the game, Note this review was based on patch 1.11

Reviewed By Shane B

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