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Druids, I personally find them to be quite boring to level, however they do have some good things about them making them a good grinding class. With numerous animal forms each giving a nice bonus to thing such as armor and damage they can be quite versatile.

Most druids including myself go for a feral spec cat form using grinding build while leveling. Cat form simply kills faster and more time efficiently then bear form. Stacking Agility/Stam/Str is a good idea for this build.

With the ability to throw on some pretty nice HoT's in the space of a few seconds before shapeshifting back into cat form to kill some more, druids are quite a powerhouse of killing. Using your healing efficiently will be the key to good grinding speed.

Everyone in a while i find a couple area's where some bear form grinding can actually be good. One is around level 43 or so on some of the elite dragonkin, you can sleep them and heal up then return to killing bringing in a decent amount of XP.

One very nice bonus to being a druid is that on PvP servers you have the best gank survivabillity, the travel form not only lowers your travel time from zone to zone for quests and grinding but also allows you to avoid being ganked making it easier to level.


Agi/Stam > Str/Int

Agility will be providing the main boost to cat form DPS and your crit rating, Stamina is self-explanatory. Strength still adds some attack power though not as much as agility while in cat-form, int is good of course for a nice mana pool but i generally find i only use much mana when buffing or fighting off horde/alliance.


I find that being ready to switch to bear form/travel form and such to complement any situation or escape is a good idea. Many druids i've run into have just run around in cat form, never even considering the fact that they could greatly improve XP per hour by travelling from grinding spot to spot in travel form.

Another good thing about travel form/bear form, you're more gank resistant. Someone is less likely to be able to take you out if you can either A. Run away or B. Soak the damage up and heal.

Overall a good grinder and quester the druid is a somewhat fast leveler

What to kill:

Druids possess the ability to grind in either bear or cat form, cat form is generally faster but sometimes certain types of mobs are easier to kill with bear forms higher survivability. Usage of all your forms makes you one of the faster levelers.

Using almost only HoT's to keep your HP up while grinding can be very mana efficient allowing you to go for sometimes hours before needing to drink/eat up before returning to killing in cat form.

Almost always you should have a high critical chance and thus i find that stealthing up and taking out mobs with low armor such as ogres or naga can be very good grinding and allow you too level quite fast.

Some of the grinding spots that fit this partially or fully are the following:

  • Levels: 27,28,29,30,31
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Duskwood, Ogre Mound
  • Mob: Ogre Mage, Ogre Warrior, Levels 26-30
  • XP Per Hour: 16-26k

  • Levels: 25,26,27,28
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Thousand Needles, Splithoof Hold
  • Mob: Galak Centaur, Levels 24-27
  • XP Per Hour: 18-30k

  • Levels: 33,34,35
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Desolace, Kolkar Village
  • Mob: Centaurs, Levels 31-34
  • XP Per Hour: 17-28k

  • Levels: 35,36,37
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Desolace, Magram Village
  • Mob: Centaurs, Levels 32-36
  • XP Per Hour: 18-30k

  • Levels 41,42,43,44,45
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Badlands, Camp Cagg
  • Mob: Ogres, Levels 41-45
  • XP Per Hour: 20-40k

  • Levels: 48,49,50
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Tanaris, Thistleshrub Valley
  • Mob: Thistleshrubs, Levels 47-50
  • XP Per Hour: 25-40k

  • Levels: 48,49,50,51,52
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Tanaris, Southmoon Ruins
  • Mob: Ogres, Levels 48-50
  • XP Per Hour: 30-40k

  • Levels: 54,55,56,57,58,59,60
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Winterspring, Lake Kel'Theril
  • Mob: Ghosts, Levels 54-56
  • XP Per Hour: 35-45k

Leveling Talent Build:

Feral Combat Talents (31 points)

  • Ferocity (5/5)
  • Brutal Impact (2/2)
  • Thick Hide (3/5)
  • Feline Swiftness (2/2)
  • Feral Charge (1/1)
  • Sharpened Claws (3/3)
  • Improved Shred (2/2)
  • Predatory Strikes (3/3)
  • Blood Frenzy (2/2)
  • Savage Fury (2/2)
  • Heart of the Wild (5/5)
  • Leader of the Pack (1/1)

Restoration Talents (20 points)

  • Furor (5/5)
  • Improved Healing Touch (4/5)
  • Nature's Focus (5/5)
  • Improved Enrage (2/2)
  • Reflection (3/3)
  • Insect Swarm (1/1)

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