Hunter Class Guide

Hunter Class available to:

Night Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Tauren, Troll


Azeroth is home to a wide variety of beasts. From the new world of Lordaeron to the old world of Kalimdor, all manner of creatures can be found. Some are friendly, some are ferocious and aggressive - yet they all have one thing in common. Each creature shares a special connection with Hunters. Hunters track, tame and slay all manner of animals and beasts found in the wilds. Whether they rely on bows or firearms, Hunters consider their weapons and pets to be their only true friends. Here are a few sample skills available to Hunters:

Beast Tracking - Hunters can find and follow a wide variety of animal tracks, allowing them to locate their elusive prey with ease.

Beast Soothe - Not every encounter with a beast is a friendly one, and Hunters can soothe ravenous animals whenever necessary.

Beast Taming - Beasts are found in all shapes, colors and sizes. It is the special journey of the Hunter to find which he is most connected to - and tame it. Once tamed, the beast will grow, learn and be the Hunterís constant companion.

And many more.

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