World Of Warcraft Priest Guides

Power Leveling

Shadow priests, i find them a very interesting class to level up, in-fact i used a shadow priest primarily to test out lots of my grinding spots. Equipped with a large group of special abilities and talents allowing them to fight nearly any opponent and at least have a chance to win makes them a very fun class.

Most classes i find excell either from the very start or from around 20-30+, shadow priests alone i have found to be very hard to grind up compared to other classes until level 40. This is a trade off for having nearly supreme power against all monsters and players until 60.

Another good thing about them is that right around level 40 when you get shadowform you also can pick up a large amount of dreamweave gear/shadoweave adding a nice amount of damage. This is also when i generally pick up Vampiric Embrace, allowing me to drain more life per monster then I lose.

Wands, similar to on warlocks, are crucial to continuing a fast leveling speed to 60. To substitute my lack of good mana regeneration before level 40 or so i used my wand quite a bit. Once you hit around 52 you can start using your wand less and less until at level 58 i was barely using it at all.

Another question i find asked quite a bit is whether to get blackout or silence/improved psychic scream, personally i always go for blackout. I find that the stun comes in handy more and that passive abilities are more useful while grinding then thing such as silence.

Before level 45-50 or so i maximise on spirit to improve spirit tap, around 45-50 it starts becoming redundant as i already get full mana regen each proc of spirit tap. This is when you start maximising on damage.

One thing i've found is that 50+ you can actually effectively grind with a holy/disc build, At this point shadow is really powerful but holy can be boosted up to a good power level. Divine spirit especially gives you a nice added mana regen.

Shadow focus is a talent that becomes more and more useful as you level up, at around 30-40 i almost never saw resists to my spells, later on in the 50-60 range i started fighting more monsters higher level then my priest and thus increasing it's usefulness.


  • 1-40: Spirit > Int/Stam
  • 40-60: +Damage > Spirit > Int/Stam

Spirit is your chief stat until around level 40-45, this is when you no-longer need to stack spirit and instead can get +damage to increase your grinding speed.

Overall a very enjoyable and powerful class in the endgame, also priests are rare on almost every server making it easy to get into a guild.

What to kill:

Shadow priests, extremely strong, efficient, and fast. Shadow priests can grind nearly any type of monster similar to hunters, with a mix of mind flay, mind blast, and a competent wand you can take down almost anything.

Using vampiric embrace allows you to kite elite mobs draining more life then you lose, this also allows you to easily grind nearly any melee monsters.

Because one of your main damaging spells is a channeled spell(mind flay) i recommend melee type monsters. Opening up with mind flay you can generally get 1-2 off before the mob even gets in melee range with already around 50% HP.

Some of the grinding spots that fit this partially or fully are the following:

  • Levels: 37,38,39,40,41
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Badlands, Dustbowl
  • Mob: Lesser Rock Elementals, Levels 37-39
  • XP Per Hour: 20-40k

  • Levels: 37,38,39,40
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Stranglethorn Vale, The Vile Reef
  • Mob: Lesser Water Elementals, Levels 37-39
  • XP Per Hour: 20-40k

  • Levels: 38,39,40,41,42
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Badlands, Mirage Flats
  • Mob: Rock Elementals, Levels 37-39
  • XP Per Hour: 25-40k

  • Levels: 41,42,43,44,45
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Badlands, Camp Cagg
  • Mob: Greater Rock Elementals, Levels 42-44
  • XP Per Hour: 25-45k

  • Levels 41,42,43,44,45
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Badlands, Camp Cagg
  • Mob: Ogres, Levels 41-45
  • XP Per Hour: 20-40k

  • Levels: 45,46,47,48
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Tanaris, Lost Rigger Cove
  • Mob: Southsea Pirates, Levels 44-45
  • XP Per Hour: 30-45k

  • Levels: 45,46,47,48
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Feralas, Frayfeather Highlands
  • Mob: Hippogryph's, Levels 44-47
  • XP Per Hour: 28-35k

  • Levels: 48,49,50
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Tanaris, Thistleshrub Valley
  • Mob: Thistleshrubs, Levels 47-50
  • XP Per Hour: 25-40k

  • Levels: 48,49,50,51,52
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Tanaris, Southmoon Ruins
  • Mob: Ogres, Levels 48-50
  • XP Per Hour: 30-40k

  • Levels: 57,58,59,60
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Winterspring, The Hidden Grove
  • Mob: Owlbeasts, Levels 58-59
  • XP Per Hour: 35-55k

  • Levels: 57,58,59,60
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Winterspring, Owl Wing Thicket
  • Mob: Owlbeasts, Levels 58-59
  • XP Per Hour: 35-55k

  • Levels: 57,58,59,60
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Winterspring, Yeti Cave
  • Mob: Yeti's, Levels 55-58/59
  • XP Per Hour: 35-55k

Leveling Talent Build:

Discipline Talents (18 points)

  • Wand Specialization (5/5)
  • Martyrdom (2/2)
  • Improved Power Word: Shield (3/3)
  • Improved Power Word: Fortitude (1/2)
  • Inner Focus (1/1)
  • Meditation (3/3)
  • Mental Agility (3/5)

Shadow Talents (33 points)

  • Spirit Tap (5/5)
  • Blackout (5/5)
  • Improved Shadow Word: Pain (2/2)
  • Shadow Focus (3/5)
  • Mind Flay (1/1)
  • Shadow Reach (3/3)
  • Shadow Weaving (5/5)
  • Vampiric Embrace (1/1)
  • Improved Vampiric Embrace (2/2)
  • Darkness (5/5)
  • Shadowform (1/1)

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