World Of Warcraft Rogue Guides

Power Leveling

Well rogues, are arguably the fastest class for leveling and grinding in the entire game in most situations, comparable only to the hunter. This is an easy class to hit 60 with, for first timers on a 1-60 speed leveling run i suggest the rogue simply because even without using all the tricks to maximise xp you still level extremely fast.

Also a favorite for it's stealth ability, this can save you from being ganked by random 60's who run by or roaming groups of either mobs or players when your afk. Since dieing completely ruins your XP per hour it's in your best interest to use every ability you have to survive.

In my personal use of a rogue i have beaten every single other class I've rolled in leveling speed except on rare occasions one of my hunters. Given that so many different daggers, swords, and maces drop all over the place for every level range you should have no trouble gearing yourself up, especially on an established server.

I generally like to run my rogue on grinding runs with troll's blood potions, either you get up alchemy to make them or buy them off the AH. With a combinaton of troll's blood pots and perhap's +agil or Mongoose potions i can kill mobs while regenning faster then i lose HP, especially if i have lifesteal/crusader enchants.

One thing i found interesting is that while combat build is a better overall level grinding build at the lower level 18-30 i could nearly one-shot most monsters with ambush if i had a good dagger, thus allowing me to kill faster then combat at times.

However, 30+ mobs have too much hp for you to ambush 1-shot them anymore, cheap shot is your friend here. From 30-60 you can pretty much exclusively use cheap-shot as your opener, this is good in someways but can be somewhat dull while grinding.

Overall i generally liked to use swords more then maces or daggers, it was somewhat a visual prefference but also i found that more swords dropped for me outside of instances and such so i didn't have to side-track into one for a good weapon.

In addition to this, i prefer sword specialization to dagger/mace specialization. Extra attacks seems to aid me more overall then the +crit or stun. Depending on what server your leveling on you'll have a choice if an epic weapon drops, if you're on a established/2 months + old server you might wanna sell it. If you're on a newer server then it may be a good idea to use any epic daggers/swords/maces that drop as a good weapon can dramatically speed up leveling and generally not much is on the AH.

Armor: Rogues generally have it easy in the armor department, tons of leather armor drops as you kill mosnters and even more of it gets put on the AH. Of the monkey gear is an easy choice for leveling and many craftable pieces of leather armor can be very beneficial as well.

Generally the following is a good method for choosing gear for leveling:

+ Critical > Agility > Stamina

Now if you're in need of HP by all means pick up some more stamina instead of agility, this is merely a general formula i use as i level. Most of your gear should in the end be a combination of agility, stamina, and a few pieces with crit.

Overall, the rogue class is a good beginner class for speed leveling but is rather overpopulated on almost every single server.


If you want to maximise in pvp then do UD, WotF is not insanely good but it's still better then any other rogue racials for pvp. Night elves get as their main ability shadowmeld, completely redundant if you're a rogue. Humans have perception which is good for killing other rogues. The rest of the races have mediocre/generally unused much racials

What to Kill:

Rogues, your primary target for grinding/killing will be caster mobs. Kick gives you the ability to easily interrupt any spells they attempt to cast while almost all caster mobs are in cloth allowing you to tear them apart.

Additionally, with most caster type monsters you have a chance of killing them completely with your opener allowing you to grind taking almost no damage at all.

Assassination builds can be very good while grinding caster mobs as well, Ambush + Backstab combo can take out almost any cloth wearing mobs around your level. Remorseless Attacks talents allows you to nearly guarantee critical opener strikes as well.

Some of the grinding spots that fit this partially or fully are the following:

  • Levels: 33,34,35
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Desolace, Kolkar Village
  • Mob: Centaurs, Levels 31-34
  • XP Per Hour: 17-28k

  • Levels: 35,36,37
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Desolace, Magram Village
  • Mob: Centaurs, Levels 32-36
  • XP Per Hour: 18-30k

  • Levels: 45,46,47,48
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Feralas, Frayfeather Highlands
  • Mob: Hippogryph's, Levels 44-47
  • XP Per Hour: 28-35k

  • Levels: 47,48,49,50,51
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Feralas, Ruins of Ravenwind
  • Mob: Harpies, Levels 47-50
  • XP Per Hour: 25-40k

  • Levels: 54,55,56,57,58,59,60
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Winterspring, Lake Kel'Theril
  • Mob: Ghosts, Levels 54-56
  • XP Per Hour: 35-45k

  • Levels: 52,53,54,55,56,57,58
  • Type: Grinding
  • Where: Azshara, Blood Elf Camp
  • Mob: Blood Elves, Levels 52-54
  • XP Per Hour: 35-45

Leveling Talent Build:

Assassination Talents (18 points)

  • Improved Eviscerate (3/3)
  • Remorseless Attacks (2/2)
  • Malice (5/5)
  • Ruthlessness (3/3)
  • Relentless Strikes (1/1)
  • Lethality (4/5)

Combat Talents (33 points)

  • Improved Gouge (3/3)
  • Improved Sinister Strike (2/2)
  • Deflection (5/5)
  • Precision (5/5)
  • Riposte (1/1)
  • Dual Wield Specialization (5/5)
  • Blade Flurry (1/1)
  • Sword Specialization (5/5)
  • Weapon Expertise (2/2)
  • Aggression (3/3)
  • Adrenaline Rush (1/1)

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