World of Warcraft 5 Points To Better Powerleveling Guide

This is a guide to help you with power leveling without using any kind of wow bot which could get you banned from the game.

1. Well the first and foremost thing you gotta remember about power leveling is that it is not really supposed to be the most fun you have ever had in Warcraft so prepare yourself for a long day and/or night ahead of you.

2. Generaly I find you can power level better if you make sure you eat and drink the same way you would normaly, Don't skip food or anything to level as it will just make you get into a bad mood which will just effect your power leveling so just eat, drink and use the toilet as normal.

3. Depending on your class you will want to stock up on plenty of mana drinks or healing potions to keep you going for a good while so you don't have to sit around for long amounts of time while your health and mana regenerate as this pretty much defeats the object of power leveling in the first place.

4. Keep yourself to yourself, when someone asks to join you it is best to say no as it will only kill your XP, It is a great idea if you need to do a hard quest that wont take that long though to group up real quick but avoid having unnecessary party members join that are not needed because then you may aswell just call yourself a normal player like anyone else hehe.

5. If it is infront of you kill it, Why not just kill absolutely everything in your path as long as the level is in green because then it is sure to give you XP and after all, that is what you want so keep a steady suicidal manner about you.

I hope this has helped you a little, I intend to update this section with all my fresh and new ideas so keep checking back and don't forget to tell your friends, Oh yea . . Don't tell them when you are just off yourself to grind.

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