WoW World of Warcraft Addons Mods

Here is a collection of some of the best World of Warcraft mods and addons that you will find useful and very informative during gameplay

Fubar AtlasFu WoW World of Warcraft Addon

AtlasFu is a simple plug in for FuBar that works with Atlas, adding an Atlas button to your FuBar. When AtlasFu is Enabled, Atlas built in minimap button is set to be hidden. See near bottom for Atlas addon.

Fubar AuditorFu WoW World of Warcraft Addon

AuditorFu lets you monitor your money accross all your toons. You can choose to display Total Audit, Weekly Audit or Daily Audit and change to graphical if you wish. There is a competing addon called MoneyFu for Fubar but I prefer this one.

Fubar ClockFu WoW World of Warcraft Addon

ClockFu is a addon that is bizzare. It seems the creators of WoW are like Casino owners and wish not to divulge the current time in the game so one becomes oblivious to the insane amount of time one spends griding away leveling up their characters. ClockFu rectifies that situation so you can monitor the time and with a little self-discipline one can remedy the situation.

Fubar HonorFu WoW World of Warcraft Addon

HonorFu is for PvPing gamers who would like to keep track of your victories and defeats in the battlegrounds. In my battlegroup I'd say alliance does pretty well at lvl 19 and lvl 29 brackets but beyond that they are pretty much hopeless. At level 70 they may win a few AV matches but Eye of the Storm and others pretty much hopeless if they are not in a premade. My suggestion is if your serious about pvp kill all your 70's on alliance like I did and reroll horde toons. If your just into raiding and dungeons then your alliance toons are just fine.

FuBar LocationFu WoW World of Warcraft Addon

LocationFu suggests based on your current level of your toon which locations might be ideal for you to quest in. It doesn't specify at lower levels whether it's horde or alliance specific location so you'll have to discover that on your own. In addition recommends instances / dungeons that are approriate for your level. Displays map coordinates top left corner useful if someone tells you to go to a specific place on the map.

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