World of Warcraft Powerleveling Alliance Guide 1 to 60

Here is a guide dedicated to help you reach that level 60 mark fast. Following this guide will get you to level 60 (I supposed depending on how much you play) in under 10 play days easily. If you choose to do other things such as farming, it will obviously take longer. Following this guide and not doing much side tracking I was able to level an alliance character to 60 in about 10 play days. This is very slow however and you can do it much faster with questing. I suggest Brian Kopp's Alliance Guide which will get you a much faster, and more enjoyable time in game.

Level 1-15

This is easy. Mostly all you should be doing at this point is soloing. Grouping is a total waste, as it is for almost all MMORPG's at this level. Plus, in my opinion, WoW is more of a solo adventure save instances. Depending on your starting race, you will be put near one of the Alliance major cities. There isn't really a comprehensive guide to this, all you should do is take all of the quests in your starting town: complete them. Doing so will level you quite fast, and give you a few silver pieces that will come in handy. Most of these will lead you to other towns in the same zone, and you will be able to continue doing some grinding and questing. At level 10 if you want you could probably find a partner to do some of the quests with, but for collection quests you will have to split the finding, which I would find overall a lesser pace on the leveling.

Level 15-25

Once you hit around level 15 you have a little more freedom on going places and finding some new places to level. I suppose non-night elves have a little more freedom unless (being a night elf) you want to do some traveling (since they start far from the other Alliance).

For those who have started in Ironforge, by level 13 you should have some quests that involve Loch Modan, easily accessible through the east. That is probably the best bet to go through there, and continue the leveling / questing . Unfortunatly, the level 17-23 instance Dead Mines isn't really in the vicinity, so it would probably just be better to keep killing in the same fashion.

The same case is with the Night Elves. Being so far from the rest of the Alliance, the choices are pretty slim. But from level 15-23 or so, one can go to Darkshore by taking the boat from Darnassus, but do not worry. There are a LOT of quests to suffice for levleing for a while. Stay there till about 24 or 25, it will be pretty quick anyways.

Lastly, if you have started by Stormwind, you can head over to Westfall, probably one of the best places to level, because the Dead Mines are in the southwest part. From level 15-18 or 19 one should probably just do some questing solo, and then find a group for the Dead Mines, which shouldn't be too hard. There are quests for the Dead Mines available too, so do those. Instance rewards are usually better.

Level 25-35

Once again, options open up to great lengths starting at these levels. Players have many different zones to try, and they will all be listed. As you will level a bit slower, you may want to check out all of these zones so one can get the most experience via questing. But dont forget about instances, they are very good for quests, exp, and loot; and more become avaiable at this point in time.

Starting with the Ironforge players. Once you have completely finished Loch Modan, it will be time to move north. Your options open up to two very good zones, though one will require a bit more travelling. First off you can go directly north to the Wetlands, which will have great quests once agian for leveling. You may want to find a few people for some fast killing, and even a bit of grinding monsters, especially the raptors in the north.

Once you have either compelted all the quests or feel you want to move on, you can take a fun, but dangerous trip to Hillsbrad Foothills. To reach the zone, head north from the Wetlands into, Duskwood. There are some nice quests here, and also a passageway to the far east to . This is more of a 23-32 zone, so you may want to head past Duskwood and go to Redridge first. If you are looking for a little bit of instance fun, you can head over to Arathi Highlands, though do be careful. This is a level 35+ zone and will give lower level player problems. Try to stay off the road, but keep it in sight, as Horde players will be running on it and if you are on a pvp server they can gank you! If you keep going until there is a fork in the road, take a left and head west until you reach Hillsbrad.. It is quite a walk though. After that you can go about halfway across the zone and head south to Southshore, the Alliance town. From there you can recieve some quests. This zone is nice because it can last for a long time, either grinding or questing.

If you are a Night Elf, once again your options are a little bit limited. Once you have gotten enough of Darkshore, around level 25 hopefully, you can head south and progress into Ashenvale. This zone has a main town almost in the center of the zone, and can offer many quests. Also, if you can find a group, head over to the northwest part of the zone called the Zoram Strand. There is the instance Blackfathom Deeps, which can last you up until level 32 or more.

If you would like to find a new place to level, you can take a trip south through Ashenvale, and then through the barrens and to the west to Stonetalon Mountains. This is a little harder, as it is primarily a horde leveling zone, but nothing you cannot handle. There are five or ten quests that you can complete too.

If you are finished in Westfall, you can head to the east, which hosts another prime questing zoneRedridge MountainsThe Stockade. This is a really nice zone for some exp and quets to finish, most found in Stormwind, but a few in Redridge.

Level 35-45

Here is where things get a bit interesting. I am going to write a general guide now, not for the seperate classes, because at this point it should be easy to travel around and evade mobs that you need to especially after hitting 40 and (hopefully) buying a mount.

Here is a list of good zones to level in, in parenthesis I will put who has easiest access to these zones based on locations from the lower level parts of the guide. Don't let that discourage you from going to the other places.

Alterac Mountains (Dwarf/Gnome, though not the best place for leveling. Not many quests and just not that good overall)

Arathi Highlands (Dwarf/Gnome. Probably one of their best zones for the mid thirties, as there are good quests)

Badlands (This is a really nice zone for the Humans, but takes a little bit of cunning to get to. You must go north through Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge, but there are quests there and an instance, (see below) though it can be highly horde populated, especially around raiding hours)

Stranglethorn Vale (Human. This is a good alternative to Badlands if you don't want to make the trip, as it is right below Duskwood. You can do a lot of Quests form Booty Bay, and it is pretty evenly Alliance and Horde Populated (I guess for PvP server concerns).

Thousand Needles (Night Elf. This is a good zone for night elves, though it does require a walk through the Barrens)

Desolace (Night Elf. This is probably the best reccomendation, it is a large zone with a lot of nice places to grind).

Personally, I think the night elves should take a trip from Ratchet (in the Barrens), to Stranglethorn Vale at this point.


I would also highly reccomend taking many runs through these instances, and doing the quests. They yeild very nice exp and loot.

Gnomeragan (This once can be done by level 27-36, and its nice, located right by Ironforge)

Razorfen Kraul (Night Elf. Probably hard to find a group for, since it is in the barrens, but very nice loot).

Scarlet Monestary (All. I think this is a must. There are three different instances, with very nice exp and loot rewards. I would reccomend all races coming here around 37 and doing runs, it makes getting up to 42+ easy, and plus nice money for mount!)

Uldaman (I have personally not been here, but it is a good zone for the level range, and it is located in the Badlands. If possible to get to Scarlet Monestary (well if you are in badlands the walk isn't that bad), you can do that.

Level 45-60

When you reach level 45 or so, there are a few zones that most people go to. This is basically a grinding/questing game at this point, whereas it will just take longer to get up to these levels. But repeating some of the same instances can get some really nice blue items (and possibly purple) to equip yourself with. Here are a few routes players can take, which all end up in the same place afterwards.

Route 1


Tanaris is a big zone for all races. It is located on the very south part of Kalimdor, and I highly reccomend it. Zul'Farrak is in the zone, which is a great instance. There are also many solo quests for players in Tanaris.

Un'Goro Crater

Un'Goro Crater is another good zone, though it is more solo. You can do this from 45-53 or so, and probably have enough quests that with a little bit of grinding. It is nice to go from Tanaris from 43-48 or 49, and then hitting up Un'Goro until 53.


With the revamp of this zone, it has become a very nice level spot. There are a ton of new quests, all yeilding over 6000 exp a pieces. Best of all, almost all of them are slaughter quests, and some are collection (but require killing). You should find a group, because many of the quests are elite.

Once you have hit 55+, I find the best thing to do for any class is to go to one of the major towns, and find instances to go to. Namely Stratholme, Scholomance, and Blackrock Depths. Though raid instances such as Upper and Lower Blackrock Spire arn't bad either (not as good for exp, but loot is nice).

Black Rock Depths

Route 2

The Hinterlands

The Hinterlands is primarily alliance, and has a lot of quests for them. The town is right by the entrance from Hillsbrad, and you can stay here well from 45-50. There is an "outdoor instance" full of elites to kill as well in a group, and a few quests from that place as well.


These zones are also good for leveling, much like Un'Goro and Silithis, they feature level 53+ mobs. There are quests here as well, and you can also run some instances there. If you take this route, then then these isntances are reccomended. The Hinterlands Western Eastern Stratholme Scholomance.

Stratholme and Scholomance

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