World of Warcraft Professions

In the World of Warcraft, there are two types of professions, primary and secondary. Every player may have as many Secondary Professions as he or she desires, but will only be able to choose two Primary Professions. All professions also fall into three categories: gathering, production, and service.

Gathering Professions

Gathering professions support production professions by providing the materials necessary to create goods. Players may choose to become pure gatherers and sell gathered materials to other players.


  • Primary Profession
  • Supports: Alchemy


  • Secondary Profession
  • Supports: Cooking & Alchemy


  • Primary Profession
  • Supports: Blacksmithing & Engineering


  • Primary Profession
  • Supports: Leatherworking

Production Professions

Production professions allow players to create trade goods to be sold or used by the creator. However, some goods cannot be sold and are designed only to be used by the one who made the item.


  • Primary Profession
  • Supported by: Herbalism & Fishing
  • Suggested for: All Classes

Comments: Excellent for those who need an extra boost of health or mana during battle. Also can be used to create many interesting potions such as water breathing, feather fall, speed boosts, etc...


  • Primary Profession
  • Supported by: Mining
  • Suggested for: Warriors & Paladins

Comments: Forge your own powerful weapons and armor to wear or sell.


  • Secondary Profession
  • Supported by: Fishing & Killing Beasts
  • Suggested for: All Classes

  • Comments: Cook your own food rather than buying from vendors.


    • Primary Profession
    • Supported by: Mining
    • Suggested for: All Classes
    • Subclasses: Gnomish, Goblin

    Comments: As an engineer, you won't make a lot of gold, but you'll be able to create the most powerful trade items in the game. Also you'll be able to make some items unique only to engineers like mechanical chickens, squirells, yeti's, etc...


    • Primary Profession
    • Supported by: Skinning
    • Suggested for: Druids, Hunters, Rogues, Shaman
    • Subclasses: Dragonscale, Elemental, Tribal

    Comments: Create your own armor and make patches to increase the armor on some of your existing gear. Can make a decent profit in the AH at high levels.


    • Supported by: Killing Humanoids
    • Suggested for: Mages, Priests, Warlocks

    Comments: Sew your own armor to wear or sell. You can also make gold by selling shirts and bags. Bags are the main source of a tailors income as 16 slot backpacks are known to go for upwards of 25-30g a piece in the auction house and are in high demand.

    Service Professions

    Although no goods are produced with service professions, they are still valuable skills to learn that will aid players in their adventures.


    • Supported by: Disenchanting items
    • Suggested for: All Classes

    Comments: Disenchant existing magical items and use the materials to enhance your weapons and armor. Enchanting is a powerful gold making tool key enchants such as fiery, crusader, and recently life stealing are power sellers.

    First Aid

    • Supported by: Killing Humanoids
    • Suggested for: All Classes

    Comments: Create bandages and heal yourself after battles to minimize down time. Very good money making profession up until the gate is opened.

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